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Quality and Continous Improvement

Growing organic, pesticide free, tasty flower is a key for us. We grow both indoor and outdoor.


The best concentrate comes from our garden. Fresh cola based concentrates. We use the smaller buds as the base. Mmmmm..Whompdoodle Goodness!

About US

Let us be your best buds!
Passionate Growers

We love what we do at Arabian Mist Farms but what makes us the happiest is when you love what we do!! We are continuously trying to improve the products we offer. We listen to our patients, stay up to date on growing best practices and technologies, and pay attention to the finer details! We partner with the best in the industry and are committed to supporting the local economy while staying clean, green and mean.

  • Quality

    Taste, Terpenes, Testing ! Organic, pesticide free!

  • Variety

    Multiple strains to meet the needs of our CannaFam!

  • Concentrates

    Closed Loop processing for Pure Whompdoodle Goodness

  • Community

    Love, Peace, enlightenment and the golden rule is just good karma! We love our CannaFam !


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